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Your pet can help save lives. Up to 12 lives actually! With the help of both feline and canine blood donors, critical patients can receive life saving blood transfusions right here in our hospital. 

Critically ill patients often need blood or plasma. Why? Just like humans, animals can have a number of reasons they may need a blood donation. Whether underlying clotting disorders, trauma, cancer or the like, these patients may need a blood transfusion, and with your pets help, we can provide a life saving service. 

How to Become a Blood Donor

It is of the upmost importance that donors have a clear bill of health. In order to do this, our donors must go through a screening prior to being considered becoming a life saving donor. If your pet meets the requirements outlined below, please contact us via email to set up an initial evaluation.


Every Donor must meet the following requirements:
1-8 years of age  |   Monthly prevention regiment  |  No history of heart conditions/murmur
Never received a previous transfusion  
|  No previous pregnancy  |  Current on vaccinations

Canine Donor 

  • Weight: minimum of 66#, lean weight

  • Fully vaccinated

  • Heartworm negative

  • EXCLUSIONS: Akita*

*Due to breed being known for high intracellular K+ levels in red blood cells

Feline Donor

  • Weight: minimum of 11#, lean weight

  • Fully vaccinated

  • FIV/FelV negative

  • No Exclusions, presently


Free preventions  Free examinations  |  Free vaccinations  |  Free yearly lab work

Free transfusions for life, including for housemates   Donor swag

If your pet meets the above requirements and you are interested in registering them to be a donor, please email us to schedule an examination and infectious disease screening with the subject line DONOR at

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